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We all made our own way up to Victoria and met at The Riverside, a lovely pub on the Thames where we had dinner booked before going Axe Throwing at the 'Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing' centre in a railway arch in Vauxhall.


Hugh, being Hugh, was chauffeur driven but forgot to take the actual directions with him, so eminently sensibly he phoned Brian to ask for the location.  Brian duly read off the postcode.  Sadly it was the wrong postcode.  Not even a close postcode.  In fact a postcode in another part of London altogether, no big river, no pub, just a road in a council estate.......  But Hugh went there anyway - such is the trust in the Obergruppenfuher, misplaced trust, but it gave Brian a nice warm feeling to know some bastard trusts him!

Dinner over, Hugh rescued, we sallied forth to chuck axes at each other.  One of the stipulations was that nobody is allowed to throw axes if they have been drinking.  Fair play.  It would indeed be dangerous.  So nobody had a drop.  Or at least a drop more than would show.  We passed the sobriety test and on we went.

Briefing - practice - two teams - old verses young - preliminary rounds - semi final - final - overall winner.


To be quite honest I can't remember who actually won.  I think the final was Hugh and Graham but my head was spinning at the time.   Unaccustomed fame had come my way at last.


Who cares who won?  The most important result was the highest number of points scored on the evening and the ultimate accolade of having ones name immortalised on a small wooden disc that hangs forever on the wall of fame.  And guess who that was?????  Go on - guess.

So on with some of the less important photographs from the evening.  Starting with a panorama of the venue and our instructor, no idea why everyone is looking away!

group norm.jpg

There were a few reminders of the night - above right is a subdued group shot with some faces missing.

Below is a more cheerful group shot - this time with different faces missing.

Why can't you lot just work out that if you can't see the camera - IT CAN'T SEE YOU!


And finally, two amazing Slo-Mo videos to show just how good our finalists were.

On the basis of these videos I make the winner GRAHAM.

The Final!

The Final!

Play Video
Graham goes it alone two handed!

Graham goes it alone two handed!

Play Video

Yup - definately Graham!!!

As you can see - another damn good GASS night out.


For just £40!

Note:  You all paid £40.  Not pay £40 spend £100.  Budgets.  Get my drift.  Just saying.

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