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Budget £800 - Spent £800

As mentioned in the lead up, this was a meeting organised by two people who bascially live in Bearsted, but who for reasons that are not clear (after several hints at previous meetings that ideally pub meetings should be near where the organisors live), choose to have their meeting a very long way out, on the outer limits of the GASS orbit, in Kingshill.  Almost an Awayday.

The given reason was that Tumeric Square is a good restaurant.  Really?  No good ones in Bearsted?  The White Horse, The Black Hourse, The Cock Horse, the Running Horse, The Flogging a Dead Horse??


No matter, almost everybody drove a gazillion miles and turned up to what was a successful and enjoyable evening with admittedly excellnt grub.  I would repeat that it is a good idea and helps with the fair geographical distibution of meetings if members do try and keep their PUB meetings local to where they live.  And do try an occasional buffet so we can mingle more.

The food was excellent.  The meeting was on budget,  But there were a couple of issues.

The issues were all dealt with extensively on WhatsApp so I won't bother with the details.  Suffice to say that it revolved round non-payment of the surcharge of a tenner (yes, I know, just a tenner, but it was a matter of principal apprently) due to the house wine being snubbed by a member in favour of a more expensive wine, no problem you may say, surely the member ordering said more expensive wine paid for it, but sadly no.

This in turn led to a CHANGE IN THE WRITTEN CONSTITUTION!   Never been done before, just like The House of Commons overruling years of precendent to get Labour off the Gaza Hook!!

The Gentleman's Ale Sampling Society is being renamed!   GASS becomes GAASSS(NW).  THE GENTLEMAN'S ALE AND SPIRITS SAMPLING SOCIETY (NO WINE).  

GAASSS(NW) will from now on only allow beers, single spirits and soft drinks to be put on the GAASSS(NW) tab at meetings.  WINES at the table will forthwith be ordered and paid for by members.  NO WINE to be ordered on the tab, same for doubles, liquers, sherry and all manner of foreign or exotic drinks.  Any drinks other than beers, single spirits and soft drinks MUST be paid for separately by the person ordering.

THIS WILL SOLVE THE VARIOUS ARGUEMENTS, ANNOYANCES, AND BUDGET OVERRUNS AT A STROKE!!!!!  Well done the Chairman for pushing this amendment though in record time.

Problem solved, until next time!!



As an example of the problem this photo, suitably and subtly altered on the advice of our legal department to conceal the identity of the miscreant, shows as evidence a bottle of TAYLORS 2013 SHERRY, ordered at a recent event.

When other table members enquired as to its presence at the table they were reassured with the phrase "It costs about the same as a bottle of wine, so it doesn't matter".

Suffice to say it did not cost anything like a bottle of wine at £45.  It cost £118 to be precise.  The part drunk bottle was taken home by the member to drink on the train.

To be fair to the miscreant he did not flinch when asked to contribute an extra £50 to the table bill, but the new GAASSS(NW) rule should, and hopefully, will put an end to this.


Only CHEESE to deal with now. 

I put this pic in just in case you thought I was kidding about dining alone in dark room fit for 100

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