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Hugh organised a meeting at Diggerland where we would all get to ride his new dodgems, drive his near impossible Skidwheels, and then dice to the death on the pillow fighting plank.  The Dodgems certainly look like fun ...................

Sadly I don't have the video of the Skidwheels but they looked lethal as well.. What we do have is a picture of how the big fit boys slogged it out on the PILLOW FIGHTING PLANK - proper fighting, but quite short bouts, as someone inevitably fell off quite quickly.


Some bright spark decided it would be better for the two top FLATLINERS to slug it out on level ground.  Nobody in their right mind expected the fight that ensued!!!  The video below is long.  It's like Ali and Foreman.  They go at it non stop and God knows how nobody died in the ruck.  I mean Pete is 79 and had a pacemaker, Len is 79 (stone) and has a wallet where his heart is.  Neither of them have as much as run for a bus in the last 25 years - and look at them have at it here!!!!

Well done chaps!  The meeting was declared a great success and everyone sped off to be first to sit down at a new steak restaurant in Strood which apparently had some minor issues - but it all worked out Ok in the end.  Amen.

Well done Hugh and Diggerland.

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