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Another opportunity to bring out the toys........

Slightly fewer toys than in previous years, maybe some members are past playing with toys, maybe because there were a few spots of rain, who knows???

Who cares as Owen bought his biggest toy along - his Lamborghini Aventador (at least I think that is what it was).


Even better - Owen was kind enough to model the upmarket version of a 'Builders Bum Crack'.  Apparently it goes with the car, Lamborghini have people who take you through how to show off the perfect bum crack when you buy the car - weird but true.

We were also privileged to see Stuart's latest creation which was a sight to behold (and a right bugger to drive unless you are under four feet tall), along with Steve in his Bentley, Chris on his big bike, Graham in his red Noddy car, Hugh in his big whirly thingmebob, Phil C in his lovely TR4 (I hope I got that right) and last but not least Phil R arriving late to a massive fanfare of trumpets (because Phil ALWAYS puts on a show at this sort of meeting and is know throughout GASS as 'the man with the toys') in a big white van...................

Yup. just a van.  Nothing in it, just a big white van.  I mean - really????

Talk about a right let-down.


We were then treated to a lovely dinner of gourmet burgers by Arran in his Forge Truck catering wagon, excellent food served fresh and piping hot with bloody amazing chips.  All consumed at one enormous table in Gary's shed and washed down with lashings of - wait for it - non alcoholic beers.  Yup, we ran out of non alcoholic beer!  Never been done before, although I am assured it will be done again, sadly.  Apparently the government whinging on about the dangers of drinking (seeing pink elephants, crashing your big boys toy on the way home, flying a whirly thingamebob into a tree, you know the drill) is finally getting through.

Despite massive misgivings about where all this non alcoholic shit is leading I promise to provide more of that piss-water at the next meeting for our newly abstemious members.  Plus obviously the usual Absinthe, Surgical Spirit and Meths for the more normal amongst us.

Great day, thanks to Gary for hosting, thanks to Arran ( for the excellent grub, thanks to all the exhibitors (excluding Phil R, what a disappointment!)  -   see you all at the Paintball.

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