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This was one of those meetings that John organised with a mild amount of concern.  It started small as just Pillow Fighting, but as the venue was Diggerland it grew in scope, but that was OK because Hugh was involved.  Right up until JB found out Hugh was away, out of the country.  Cue less mild concern, more like real worry.

However, he had no reason to worry.  In the typical GASS way this low key meeting turned out to be one of the funniest for ages.  Well done to all the Diggerland staff. 


The Dodgems were the real authentic thing, old and battered and very crashy.  The skidding cars were a a riot, and the pillow fighting was the star of the show with everyone knocking seven bells out of each other.  Even the sick, lame and lazy were up there (or rather down there, as they did not have to fight on the raised platform) giving it whooptie!  


Sadly I was away and so a big thanks to those who took the photos and sent them on (Phil, Pete, take a bow).


The picture above gives you a flavour of what the fitter younger guys went through, and yes Ron, I am including you in that compliment.  The battle took place high above the ground on a raised platform.

On the other hand the video below is a different kettle of fish - this is the oldest mermber fighting the next oldest (and largest) of our members.  And they put the lads to shame!!!  This what you call a bundle!!!  Amazingly there were no major heart issues or strokes.  Odd when you realise that this is by far the most exercise either warrior has entered into since 1960.

Do watch it to the end, once the fighters have taken a mid punch-up break to remove their very valuable watches they really go to town on each other.  Obviously they took out their teeth, their hearing aids, and their glasses earlier.

And just so you get the full flavour - here are the dodgems as well.  Nowhere near as funny but a great touch of nostalgia.

Thanks again to Hugh and to the great staff at Diggerland.  And of course to John whose idea it was.

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