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This year for the AGM we went back to PALMA, first visted by GASS back in 2007.  As is traditional the GASS Opposuits made another appearance - and once again they went down a storm with the locals, ever popular those suits, and even more so in the tropical shorts version.


Not that everyone joined in - ANDY (what were you thinking!)  Poor Andy was ostracised having made precicely zero effort.............  Nil, nada, zip.  Bad Andy.  The shame.


The members were determined to punish the man so his face was obliterated from the shot below and he was made to stand at the back in all others.

Hugh on the other hand was simply in the loo when the group photo below was taken.....  Hence his jacket on the chair.

The group entertainment this year was a long ride round the island on Quad Bikes.  No dressing up needed for that, just strong arms.  This time we had to fake the inevitable Jenkins accident.

IMG_5568 (Edited).JPG

There were also a large variety of lunches and dinners, with the occasional tussle thrown in as extra entertainment.



Always difficult to read my notes as I am normally pissed writing them.  I can just make out that the Chairman Graham made a long and impassioned speech which was labled 'A Best Man's Speech' by some and his references to the elderly members as 'Flatliners' went down as you would imagine it would go down.  Badly.

There were various fines mentioned and levied - and sadly (and not in the spirit of GASS) those fined refused to pay.  It was discussed that in the spirit of GASS members don't get to decide which decisions made by the majority they decide to adhere to.  If it is voted on then it is up to everyone to comply.  If not then expect to get fined, and pay up please.

It was agreed that the sole use of Whatsapp for diseminating GASS information was not working and that announcements needed to be backed up by text and/or email.

Other than that the accounts showed we started the year with £5,470 and ended it with £4,397, an overspend of £1,073.  It was agreed that we would once again leave the fees as they are but get used to paying and extra £20 if you attend a meeting that offers a three course meal with wine, or one that has expensive entertainment.  Working out if the meeting needs a surcharge is up to Graham, Brian and Ron to make a guess.  It is not an exact science and £20 is not a lot to chip in.  They get it right most of the time so please cooperate and fees can remain the same. The argument for raising fees is that we might then lose members and in any case there is no need - the occasional surcharge is fairer, quicker and does the job.

Another great AGM - here is to the next one!

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