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GASS added to our impressive list of martial and military skills which include Stick Fighting, Saber and Epee sword fighting, Mud Wrestling, Sumo, Kick Boxing, Axe Throwing, Knife work, Archery, every type of gun from pistol to machine guns, plus some I have forgotten - with the ancient and much feared .................. JEDI LIGHTSABER WARRIER training.

Yes, pretty impressive I know.

We were amazing lucky to persuade actor and Star Wars superstar, Andrew Lawden (, and yes, I know the pictures on his site show what look like children, even Jedi have to start somewhere for God's sake!  


Anyway, Andrew came down with a really big bag of real (yes, real) Lightsabers and we got to work.


First he broke us down, broke our spirit, completely, just like in every martial arts film you have ever seen.  Then he laboriously built us back up again to become warriors, true Jedi.   It took almost half an hour.

From that moment on we were as one with the force.  Proof?, I hear you ask.  Just see for yourselves.......


Now this is an action packed meeting and there is only way to enjoy action - through the medium of film!

Therefore may I introduce the latest in a long line of GASS MOVIES - 'Gass Jedi Fight Academy - Part I'

Now mobile phones on silent, sit back, feet up, and enjoy the movie..........

May I also draw your attention to the myriad of great GASS movies going back to 2009 - you can enjoy watching our complete back collection by clicking the link below.  You may appear in some of them, looking a lot younger and slimmer than you do now probably.

Just for the record, here are a few more stills from the movie, like a sort of trailer of Jedi Training.......

jb rage.jpg

Be afraid, be very afraid

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