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Sorry readers, this page is TWO months in one as I got a bit behind with the website management.  I promise to do better in the future......


Off we went to Chatham Ski Centre on a dark and chilly night to be sat on a steel tray from the canteen that had been welded onto a set of skate board wheels and we clanked up the escalator and then rocketed down a steel half pipe to the sound of delighted squeals of terror, or grim faced determination (which is way quieter but less fun).  We then enjoyed a half decent dinner in the canteen where the official 'Chain of Office' made a surprise re-appearance (after its surprise disappearance at the 2018 AGM in the now famous bun throwing crisis which caused the then Chairman to throw a fit and storm out.  The new Chairman was delighted that he now held real power over everyone.



A lovely dinner at The Three Tuns where we were introduced to Keith Robinson (former Coldstream Guards and a Financial Ombudsman no less).  Keith is an expert in the dark art of tying a BOW TIE from scratch.  He produced a tie for everyone and a set of instructions, which I show here as a warning to all not to try this at home.  Strangulation and high blood pressure are real risks - I repeat - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME - buy a clip on!!!!

bow tie words.jpg
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