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The 18 attendees attended in fine style for what was probably the last fancy dress, Opposuits style, meeting for GASS.  Excuses for not wearing the GASS uniform were many.  The level of outrageous humour and eccentric behaviors that members used to exhibit has dropped to levels not seen since the last pandemic (Spanish Flu 1918).  A larger and larger number of our members have become more and more straight and stale, not wishing to look foolish.  Preferring to look normal and blend in with the crowd.  Ideal dress code, jeans and a jacket, or an Opposuit, but keep it covered by a long coat at all times.  Even the Castle Club Double Six are more fun when it comes to standing out from the crowd. 


VENUE 1 – LIFESIZED MONOPOLY started at 18.00.  Finish at 19.30.   Just over the street from the pub where we downed the first of a few.  A really amazing and massive venue which must have cost a fortune to build, staff everywhere, really fun people as well.  An entertaining game, but once again probably too much for most members nowadays (it must be the pandemic, it really must).  Not sophisticated enough.


At least the best team won the game!  And really enjoyed it too.


VENUE 2 – SHAKA ZULU  Christmas Party night.  Entertainment, dancing,  Highly recommended by all who have been there.  We wish.  No entertainment, no people, closed early (despite their original promises)  bloody Covid again caused all their Christmas bookings to cancel but us.  Luckily a nearby Samba club was open and packed, which at least provided a venue to go on to.

I blame the pandemic. 


Or is that rather too many GASS members have forgotten how to have fun?  GASS is meant to be for doing interesting, challenging, unusual, foolish, eccentric, off-the-wall, humorous, daft stuff together on the first Tuesday of the month.  It's a bloody Tuesday after all, nothing else is happening on a Tuesday.  Any group of guys can wander down the pub and sink a few pints.  GASS is supposed to be different.  But, if members would prefer to be more normal in 2022 then that certainly makes life easier.  I get the impression that as - by definition - the more unusual events involve more effort, and an increasing number of members seem less inclined to put in the effort, more inclined to stand on the sidelines waiting to see if they are in the mood to be entertained, then just going down the pub for a pint and a chat might be the way to go.  Just saying.

In any event I'm away for the next four meetings at least - so it's not my decision.  Thank goodness.

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