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HANDCASTING AND DINNER  -  Stede Court Estate, the new GASS party room.

A rather off the wall idea to try out what parents normally do with babies, take a cast of their liddle tiny weeny handsies and feetsies, only this time around it was clod-hopping great GASS hands in all manner of obscene gestures.

Ably assisted and instructed by Sara of we assembled at The Wooden Barn at Stede Court Estate and set about casting with a will.  Brian had set the bar earlier with his test attempt, all mounted and hand painted to show what could be achieved.


After the handcasting it was upstairs in the barn to enjoy a three course meal in what had originally been designed as a GASS party room to overcome the anti-social outcomes of various pandemic related 'lock-downs'.  The fact that, until now, it had never been used as such is a minor detail.  This was the inaugural dinner.  Catered by the team of Mike and Claire at  who did an amazing job.


Below is a full video of the event which was a great success.  One and a half hours of mixing the alginate  moulding material, then sticking one hand in the goo in a variety of poses and waiting 5 minutes while it hardened, then mixing the plaster of paris and pouring it in the mould.  A nice two hour break where we relocated to the new GASS party room for a delicious three course dinner, waitress served, fine wine, the works.   Then back downstairs, slightly the worse for wear, to break open the moulds.  Break being the operative word, as fingers snapped and fell like autumn leaves from the casts.  No matter, repairs were made in due course and it only remains to leave them for four weeks to dry before painting.  A really unusual experience, and as always with GASS, a real laugh.  Do check out the video below.......

And for those of you who can't be bothered to watch the amazing video, then here are some pictures to amuse you instead.


Above you can see the 'Cast' assemble ready to cast.  The ever tolerant Sara at the table trying to instill a bit of order and explain a little about what comes next.  Waste of time basically, as usual. 'Worse than 10 years olds' was her exact comment at the time.  I thought 10 year olds would be a bit miffed at that comparison, but there you go.


Above you can see the group tables where the 10 year olds all got their bibs on and got down to some serious mixing.


And after all that hard work they got tucked into a fine three course meal served by our very able caterers.......


The finally, the great unveil, the breaking open of the casts, and of many, many digits.  Wayne on the left is an example of how to do it, Ron on the right is an example of exactly and totally the opposite!

repaired cast.jpg

Above is proof that major reconstructive surgery is possible, even on badly damaged hands, medical history in action!

And below is proof that not every damaged hand can be saved.  Ron's hand was indeed reconstructed but the surgeons are not proud.  It did not come out as they hoped.  However Ron is pleased as he thinks his new hand will in fact improve his handwriting and his ability to manipulate figures.

rons cast.jpg

Another first for GASS, and to be fair a first for Sara.  She has never tried to teach 20 ten year olds all at one time and she said the experience was unforgettable, or at least that is what I think she said as she drove off into the night.  Many thanks to Sara and to our caterers.  Great night as ever.  

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