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BIG BOYS TOYS and FOOTIE at The Hook and Hatchet

An opportunity to get the toys out, the bigger the better.  Lovely sunny evening, brand new surface on the enormous car park at 'The Hook' and so we all put on the 'Toad of Toad Hall' flying hats and goggles and fired up the Merlin engines and toddled along to the pub in a cloud of exhaust fumes and burning oil........   Actually that was just Stuart, he roared up in a crackling popping genuine race car and spilled genuine hot oil over the brand new car park.  Well, someone had to christen it.

Everyone else was well behaved and IN well turned out cars which left no skid marks.

Some of the lovely pristine cars that were on show for all of 15 minutes as the far more important business of watching England try and lose to Belgium in the World Cup to get a better draw took precedence.

Below is Phil who for some reason bought along a pair of jet ski boots (no water) and drone (with no battery, so it was basically a plastic brick).  Nice toys Phil!!

We then sat down for a really good dinner and a massive TV to watch our boys bring it back home - which they obvioulsy did not in the end.  BUT - the boys dun good!!

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