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PETANQUE at The Harrow in Stockbury

Chris organised an unusual game of Petanque involving electricity........


Here, in Chris's own words is the outcome.....

It went like this........... at the Harrow Stockbury.
Each member had to play in a heat as listed in photo.
The only lazy bastard was Bell who refused to play, because according to some other members, he had had NO time to practice!!! There being only one Killer Piste in the UK.

Two electrified areas were made for two players at a time. Throw the balls I said and they did all over the place. Aim at the little yellow bastard I said. Bloody dangerous night, I would have preferred rolling a rally car down a welsh mountain.

One by one they played until the final between Keith and Wayne.   Keith winning after thrashing Wayne.

Once in the Harrow we enjoyed one veggie meal and most,a fine dish of salmon on some mash spuds. This was preceded by a starter of baked cheese.

Then guess what we had the by now traditional plates of cheese, Ron was gagged and we had a 3 course meal.  The arguments ensued when they wanted a pudding after the cheese!!!!!! WTF 

That was about it, no fighting , not really much thrown about, oh except Hugh had the hump because someone filled his glass of port up with red wine!!

Ian above checking the charge on the electric fence aspect of this dangerous sport.

Phil on the right considering the by now traditional cheese board.

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