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The GASS book

The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

Enjoying each others company since 1982 - and then putting it all in a book

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Back in the day a man put his foot down a Rabbit Hole and snapped his Achilles tendon, and as a result had quite a lot of time on his hands.

To while away said surfeit of time said man set to setting out the history of GASS from its inception in 1982 through to the current day -which at said time was October 2014.

Thus was THE GASS BOOK 1982-2014 written.

If you would like to take a look then use the link below.  The link takes you to the BLURB website and you will see a picture of the book, click PREVIEW on the lower right, and when another picture of the book comes up click the double arrow above the book right side to see the largest version, then just click on the page to turn the pages.  


We hope you enjoy this complete history of the fun, frolics, anarchy, danger, comradeship, travel, companionship, fidelity and downright entertainment we have achieved over some 500 meetings so far (as at August 2023).  We also hope it gives you some good ideas to use for your own group of friends.

The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

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We Are

The Gentlemen's Ale Sampling Society

We Are Occasional




1982  -  Nick Jenkins, John Brice, Brian Henslow, Chris Spree, Steve Bell

EX:  Philip Henslow (RIP), Paul Trumper, Mike Hollis, Peter Dyke, Mike Dakers, Don Harris, George Pixley

1983  -  Tony Mankelow

EX:  Steve Bishop, Mike Tester, Mike Saffery, John Jenson, Colin Smith,

Peter Lock (RIP), Ollie Else, Roy Heath, Tony Wimble

1985  -  Peter Farrer, Hew Edeludalooo (don't ask)

EX:  Mike Wade, Dave Dicketts, Phil Grey, Martyn Calder, Ray Dennis, Harry Wood

1987  -  EX:  Pat Harnady

1988  -    Derek Murphy

EX:  Murry Evans,

1989  -  Phil Cockerton

1990  -  EX:  Mike Collins,  Mike Slack (RIP)

1991  -  Len Smith

EX:  Danny Revell, Jeff Wilding, John Terry, Barry Coughlan

1993  -  Ray Guttridge

EX:  Graham Carr, Tom Ryan (RIP)

1994  -  EX:  Roger Wootten, Spike Simmonds, Mike Edwards

1995  -  EX:  Paul Rutherford

1996  -  Stuart Gilbert

1997  -  EX:  Keith Angus, John Worely, Alex Thompson, Mike Slator

1998  -  Andrew Smith

1999  -  Gary Easdown

2000  -  Phil Ralph

EX:  John Hooper

2001  -  EX:  Simon Stroud

2006  -  Keith Evans, Ian Westlake

2007  -  Ron Price

2012  -  Graham Bridgewater

EX:  Alan Ranger, Neil Rogers

2014  -  Owen Brunning

2015  -  Wayne Rodriguez

2016  -  EX: Steve Riches (joined 2006) EX:  Don Pilcher (joined 1986)

22 members - 10 from 30 years ago - 46 ex-members (incl 4 RIP)

Not bad for 36 years!

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